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Technically Creative On-Demand Webinars

TC Oversight Controls: 6 Answers to Your Biggest Compliance Challenges

Hosted By: Technically Creative, inc.   Length: 45 Min

Description: With Change, comes Challenges!
Looking for answers to your NEW biggest compliance challenges? The TCOC Platform was designed to provide additional functionality and options to support your surveillance process. Manage your historical surveillance data, expedite the effectiveness of your analytics systems, and transform ANY data source into archive supported data formats. Join us for our webinar to learn how to make your data work better for your business.

CA Data Protection EOL: 6 Steps To Migrating Your Policies Compliantly

Hosted By: Technically Creative     Length: 30 Mins

Description: Watch Technically Creative discuss the importance of properly migrating your policies. Policy migration is proving to be one of the most complex, time consuming, and critical pieces of the CA Data Protection migration process. You may select the best system on the market but without well-defined and developed policies in place you leave yourself exposed to a tremendous amount of risk. When it comes to Policy Migration – Success is in the Details!

CA Data Protection End of Life – Next Steps!

Hosted By: Technically Creative     Length: 30 Mins

Description: Watch Technically Creative, CA Data Protection transition experts, for an exclusive inside view of the items to consider when planning your transition from CA Data Protection while continuing to meet compliance obligations.

CA Data Protection EOL: Extended Support & Historical Data Management

Hosted By: Technically Creative, inc.   Length: 30 Min

Description: Are you concerned about your migration timeline? Join Technically Creative as we answer your questions about CA Data Protection EOL, Extended Support, Historical Surveillance Data Solutions, and more.   The June 2019 deadline is quickly approaching.

CA Data Protection EOL: Understanding New and Emerging Technologies

Hosted By: Technically Creative      Length: 30 Mins

Description: Are you preparing for Data Protection End of Life? Watch Technically Creative provide a brief introduction to the New and Emerging Surveillance Technology options on the market. We’ll go over the difference and benefits about migrating to a Lexicon based system, a Policy and rules system or entering the world of Analytics.


Innovation Report March 2021

In this month’s Innovation Report, the client’s main concern was finding a way to identify if information related to a brokered acquisition was leaked and used for personal gain. Technically Creative is delivering success with TCOC’s Holistic Surveillance System. Find out how. Download the latest Innovation Report.  Featured Client: The Technically Creative client is an […]


TC Oversight Controls and the Evolution of Surveillance

In 2017, CA announced End-of-Life. The financial market as we knew it would be forever changed. CA’s announcement challenged the software vendors in the market to up their game and advance their products. It challenged businesses to reevaluate the way they meet their regulatory requirements and surveillance processes. Lastly, it challenged us at Technically Creative […]