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6 Steps to Migrating Your Policies Compliantly

June 27, 2018 | 11:00am PT | 2:00pm ET


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The policy migration process is proving to be one of the most complex, time consuming and critical pieces of the CA Data Protection migration process. You may have the best system on the market but without well- defined and developed policies in place you could leave yourself exposed to a tremendous amount of risk. Technically Creative, with 20+ years of combined experience developing regulatory and compliance policy for the financial market, has identified 6 steps to Migrating your CA Data Protection Policies compliantly into your new surveillance system.

Join us for an interactive webinar where you will learn:

  • How to identify policy stakeholders. Who is responsible for policy definitions and sign off on acceptance criteria.
  • How to Identify the need, purpose and correlation to any regulation.
  • Gaps: Do you have adequate policy coverage to cover your supervision requirements?
  • Which considerations to take into account during the policy construction & deployment phase.
  • Policy validation and test processes.
  • Maintenance & Refinement: How to reduce false positives and optimize out of the box options.

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Join Danielle and Christopher Amatulli with Technically Creative as they share 6 key steps to migrating your CA Data Protection Policies to your new surveillance system while maintaining regulatory compliance.

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The Experts

Danielle Amatulli

CEO, Director of Business Operation

Technically Creative

Orchestria and CA Data Protection Transition Expert. Customer Focused and Solutions Driven.
Danielle holds an MBA in IT Business Management and has steered the direction of TC for 13 years strong. Backed by kick ass results, reputation, and time-honored values. Named one of the “20 most promising CA Technologies solutions providers”.

Christopher J. Amatulli

CTO, Director of Services and Architecture

Technically Creative

Christopher J. Amatulli specializes in advanced technical implementations, systems architecture, networking, programming and integrations. 12+ years of hands on experience working with the Orchestria / DataMinder / CA Data Protection product.

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