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At Technically Creative, we know how important it is to team up with the right partners. We work together to offer a broad range of tools, services, and solutions to better support your business.

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Bloomberg Vault

Bloomberg Vault is an integrated compliance and surveillance solution that helps firms to aggregate, archive, and analyze their communications, trading, and voice data to reduce risk, meet regulatory obligations, and elevate business controls and standards. Together, Technically Creative and Bloomberg provide clients with advanced context-sensitive policy capabilities, leveraging Technically Creative’s unique combination of technical and surveillance expertise to deliver the highest level of compliance solutions.

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Technically Creative’s partnership with Elastic provides advanced searching, indexing, and analytics to your business. Paired with Technically Creative Oversight Controls (TCOC), Elastic helps deliver holistic supervision, security monitoring, incident remediation, and reporting at faster speeds and greater accuracy with superior tracking.

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Microsoft Partner Network

As a certified Microsoft partner, Technically Creative has built the relationship and experience to leverage the Microsoft platform in both internal and cloud implementations. Utilization of Microsoft 365, Azure, Teams, and DevOps with TCOC not only improves operations but also enhances supervision processes, investigates security events, and strengthens incident response across the entire platform. Additionally, TCOC can be installed within your Microsoft cloud and provide auto scaling capabilities without the need to establish new connectivity to outside sources.

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Amazon (AWS)

AWS offers an array of cloud-based products that Technically Creative can leverage, including the analytics framework, cloud servers, dynamic environments, storage, and S3. TCOC is able to work with the products you already have and use in your cloud without the need for additional external hosting, data transfer costs, or connectivity.

“We had a failure of our data aggregation platform – We were under regulatory review at the time – TC was able to reconstruct and create the data – by looking at source data files and parsed the data properly for reinjection.  They helped us avoid regulatory violations and saved us from huge fines for failure to archive.”

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The team at Technically Creative provided amazing support and came up with solutions for our issues no matter how complex the problem was. We highly recommend them as a solution vendor.

- John S., VP of IT Security

Our CA DataMinder policies needed major refinement.  We reached out to Technically Creative, and they were able to quickly turn around an updated policy with a low false/positive rate.   Highly recommend TC.

- David M., SVP of Risk Management & Compliance


Innovation Report March 2021

In this month’s Innovation Report, the client’s main concern was finding a way to identify if information related to a brokered acquisition was leaked and used for personal gain. Technically Creative is delivering success with TCOC’s Holistic Surveillance System. Find out how. Download the latest Innovation Report.  Featured Client: The Technically Creative client is an […]


TC Oversight Controls and the Evolution of Surveillance

In 2017, CA announced End-of-Life. The financial market as we knew it would be forever changed. CA’s announcement challenged the software vendors in the market to up their game and advance their products. It challenged businesses to reevaluate the way they meet their regulatory requirements and surveillance processes. Lastly, it challenged us at Technically Creative […]