Technically Creative Oversight Controls Platform Overview

Technically Creative Oversight Controls (TCOC) is a fully customizable data flow platform with a multitude of uses including the automation, orchestration, and integration of data between platforms. It has the flexibility to integrate with any data system or environment – not just surveillance and compliance data. TCOC works as a data integration and flow platform that can tie multiple different systems to each other to automate processes, reduce wait time for results from your data without cumbersome nightly jobs, and help your data work better for you.

The Evolution of TCOC: Finding Opportunity in Change

In 2017, CA announced End-of-Life for their industry-leading surveillance product, DataProtection (formerly DataMinder and Orchestria). The market as we knew it would be forever changed. This announcement challenged the software vendors in the market to up their game and advance their products. It challenged businesses to reevaluate the way they meet their regulatory requirements and surveillance processes. Lastly, it challenged us at Technically Creative to think about how we can best support our customers and provide the most value to their technology compliance needs. TC Oversight Controls was born from both innovation and creativity, with the goal of filling the gaps in compliance we have been seeing in the marketplace.

The TCOC Platform

The goal of TCOC is to support you in your new surveillance process and help your data do more for you. We start by first building out the TCOC platform. The platform houses all of TCOC’s bundles– each bundle has multiple processors for handling data. Data examples include records, objects, full emails, email properties, fields, data points, chats, secure share, social media, HR data, user data, emails, analytics, archive, and surveillance. Clients can then customize the flow to pick and choose the individual options they need.

Every firm has multiple systems (surveillance, human resources, archives, email, trade, social platforms, monitoring, etc.), that need to be connected in order to collect or update data in other systems.  Over time, and through multiple client requests, the solution has advanced to be an all-in-one solution for moving and transforming data and executing processes across a firm. Data is able to be sent, pulled, and integrated across various platforms from analytics, supervision, InfoSec, legal, control room, back office, C-Suite, and compliance.

Implementing TCOC for Your Business

Determine Gaps

The TCOC platform was designed to provide additional functionality and options to support and refine your surveillance process, enrich and transform data, manage your historical surveillance data, expedite the effectiveness of your analytics systems, transform any data source into archive-supported data formats, assist in your data migration, and much more.  Technically Creative will investigate how to improve your business’s current platform to reduce your pain points.

Design Solution

The TCOC platform is designed to collect up-to-the-second data from multiple platforms, merge, collate, and apply routing logic for distribution of reports or feeding a unified data platform. Technically Creative will design a unique solution leveraging the power of TCOC bundles, listed below.

Deliver Peace of Mind

TCOC’s aim is to make data integrate seamlessly, flow faster (in many cases, in real time), validate data, and get the data where it needs to be. TCOC is not merely moving data from one location to another; with every piece of data, it can also apply business routing logic and invoke advanced processes based on that data. Technically Creative will deploy a foundation solution and configure the flows of the TCOC bundles listed below, leaving compliance teams, business leads, and legal departments with peace of mind.

Available TC Oversight Control Bundles

TCOC General

This bundle contains TCOC’s general license processors. These core components are the base deployment unit required for any other TCOC bundles to work in your environment. TCOC’s general processor bundle is a Swiss army knife set of tools built to handle your files, transfer attributes from one property to another, extract text out of JSON fields, or handle a multi-value attribute and bring it into a field. These tools simplify the use of TCOC.


This bundle controls TCOC’s communication interactions and formatting for email. Any action related to email file formats (MSG, EML, PST, connecting to Exchange) and sending email is regulated with the use of this bundle. It controls actions such as extracting an X-header from an email or converting emails to different formats for use in analytics platforms.


This bundle contains all TCOC processors that integrate with Active Directory. These tools interact with various directory services associated with Active Directory, LDAP, and Kerberos.


This bundle contains processors that interact and aggregate with Box, a filesharing platform that specializes in cloud content management and simplifies how you work. TCOC offers full Box integration through the processors listed in this bundle. TCOC uses Box to strengthen your environment with automation, aggregation, auto-distribution of a document, or removing documents for security purposes.


This bundle contains processors that integrate TCOC with CA DLP (Orchestria, DataMinder, CA DataProtection). These integration components connect with CA DLP to perform data extraction, reporting, information collection, automation, and queue processes.

TCOC Proofpoint

The processors in this bundle allow TCOC to integrate seamlessly with Proofpoint. TCOC supports integration with the archive end of Proofpoint to collect and process data files to feed into their system.


This bundle offers integration with Microsoft Exchange to provide quarantine, blocking, and data augmentation processes within the mail stream.

TCOC Elasticsearch

TCOC offers integration with the search and indexing platform, Elasticsearch, for creating advanced integrations for analytics and advanced reporting. This bundle feeds, manages, and updates your Elastic index, along with creating reports and various search setups for Kibana (the user interface for reporting functions). The processors in this bundle specialize in feeding data into Elasticsearch, as well as the automation of reports and creation of outputs.

Technically Creative Oversight Controls (TCOC) offers answers to common compliance questions.
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